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OK, I'm a geek.

I'll admit that. It seems that everybody has a auto-updating cam, normally aimed at their goldfish or coffee-pot or something else equally boring. I, however, decided to put my cam in my freezer.

This was NOT an easy feat, the camera tended to stop working after four or five hours of being inside and got really cold. So, I took an element from a heating pad and wrapped it around the camera. While this tends to heat the inside of the freezer, it does keep the camera warm.

I've got pictures of me doing the install here. That blue thing I have in my hand is the insulated camera.

Let me know what y'all think!!!

My Freezer

(The Freezer Cam should refresh every 30 seconds or so, but it might not. It depends on if the camera still works or not)

Do you have any Comments?

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