MUDS oh Glorious MUDS

Muds oh Glorious Muds
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Ah to play in the mud like we did when we were children....

MUD's (Multi-User Dungeon/Deminsion/Delusion/etc) FAQ

Here is on of the muds that I frequent the most.

Realms of Despair (telnet)

Distant Lands (telnet)

Distant Lands (telnet)

On Distant Lands I am/was Dragotha (builder), Artemis(assassin), and Kendra (cleric). On Realms of Dispair I am Dargrotha (augurer)


Here are some links to other web pages and gophers that have mud listing on them.

MUD Connector

MUD Universe

All the Muds in the World (gopher)

Here are some new muds to try out as well.

Elysian (telnet)

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