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Hello all. I finally have set up my web page. (after much prodding from White Dragon). Here is a little info about myself. I am 26, 5'10", 195lb, and my birthday is 09/03/72. I like to cook, play RPG's, play Magic the Gathering (CCG), V:TES(CCG), Battletech (TCG),Shadowrun (TCG), log onto muds, and play videogames. As you can see I am a 26 year old adult with the tastes of a 13 year old child. (but then again ain't we all?)

This homepage was not put up to please you, it was put up to please myself. If you find something that you don't like or something about my page displeases you......well.....too bad. thpppppttt.....! DEAL WITH IT!

Just remember that big brother is always out there watching

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If you really want to find out what i'm like you can usually find me at some of my favorite mud sites

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Rate this site on a 1-10 scale.

At this time I am also working on a friend of mines web page for his buisness, called Paragon Games and Hobbies. If you would like to check out the progress of it just click here .

I have pretty much found out how to get all the stuff I do on the internet for free now. Tripod has of course my free web site, Hot mail has one of my e-mail accounts, and I go the the public library to use all these. From the library I can do quite a bit. HEH

Hotmail is the place to get a free E-mail address. Hot Mail

Here are a few of the links that have found a home in my Den.

Right now this page is under some major redecorations, so please step over all the mess I seem to have left on the floor. Be careful not to trip over anything.

If you want to leave any comments, observations or if any of the links I have on here are dead please E-Mail me. I will try to answer as soon as possible.


If you get a chance please sign my guest book, it is always nice to hear your point of view. Just leave me a note saying you where here.

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You are person number counter to sulk into my Den.....NOW GET OUT! just kidding...heh

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